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Our Mission

The data recovery software market is plagued with shady products from developers who prey on desperate users who have lost important files and would try anything to get them back without spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on professional data recovery services.

At Pandora Data Recovery Mentor, our mission is to objectively evaluate available data recovery software products to help users achieve the data recovery outcomes possible, instead of wasting money and time on software that doesn’t deliver on its promises. You can read our comprehensive reviews on our blog.

Our Principles

Expertise: All members of our team have extensive experience with data recovery, both using DIY-style software tools and as employees of professional data recovery centers.
Honesty: We’re motivated by our desire to share objective data recovery reviews that make it easier to pick the best software available, and we never publish untruthful information for profit-seeking reasons.
Fact-oriented: We focus on facts and not subjective opinions. When we praise data recovery software for good performance, we always have hard data to back up the claim.
Accessibility: For those not familiar with it, data recovery may seem like an impenetrable topic. To make it more accessible, we always speak in simple terms and keep the needs of our readers in mind.
Consistency: The review scores we give to data recovery software can be compared with one another because they’re based on a consistent set of review criteria. Read more about how we test software here.
Open to feedback: Even though we strive to be as accurate as possible, we acknowledge that we’re not perfect, which is why we’re open to feedback from our valued readers.

Our Team

Our content team consists of experienced tech reviewers who understand what separates excellent data recovery software applications for Windows and macOS from those that are best avoided.

Content Writers

David Morelo

David Morelo

Content Writer

As a professional content writer with a specialization in data recovery, I spend my days helping users from around the world recover from data loss and address the numerous issues associated with it.

When not writing about data recovery techniques and solutions, I enjoy tinkering with new technology, working on personal projects, exploring the world on my bike, and, above all else, spending time with my family.

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Jordan Jamieson-Mane

Jordan Jamieson-Mane

Content Writer
  • 5 reviews

  • Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

  • LinkedIn

Jordan has always had an insatiable curiosity when it comes to technology. From a young age, he found himself intrigued by how computers worked. Before long, he was ordering his own computer parts and building a machine for himself.

This passion eventually sparked an interest in content writing, allowing him to create technology-related content as a professional content writer. Outside of this, he spends his time working on his own projects or travelling.

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Nikolay Lankevich

Nikolay Lankevich


Nikolay Lankevich has over 15 years of strong experience in various fields and platform includes Disaster Recovery, Windows XP/7. System analysis, design, application (Inter/Intranet) development, and testing. Provided technical supports on desktop and laptops on Win-XP and Macintosh for about 2000 employees.

Yevgeniy Tolkunov

Yevgeniy Tolkunov


Yevgeniy Tolkunov is Hardware Engineer at ACE Data Recovery. Yevgeniy has a Master's Degree in Physics, Information Technology; 15+ years of experience.

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